GeMVi collaboration - East African research fellowships in viral genomics, bioinformatics, and modeling for outbreak control coming to KCRI

11 February 2019

The KCRI Genomics unit is one of the East African collaborators in the GeMVi project led by Prof. James Nokes at Warwick University and KEMRI-Wellcome Kenya. GeMVi will fund 20 research fellowships in viral genomics, bioinformatics, and modelling. Fellows will work across the participating institutes in East Africa: KEMRI-Wellcome, UVRI, Makerere University, KCRI, as well as at the Zeeman Institute in the UK.

The GeMVi project will see the introduction of new sequencing technology in the KCRI genomics lab, where we will be working with Oxford Nanopore MinION in addition to our Illumina MiSeq. It also brings in a major upgrade of KCRI's  bioinformatics infrastructure, scaling storage to 2x100TB and computing to 60+ cores.

Applications for research fellowships are now open at For more information, contact Marco van Zwetselaar (zwets [at] kcri [dot] ac [dot] tz) or Jaffu Chilongola (j [dot] chilongola [at] kcri [dot] ac [dot] tz)