KCMC Day: Farewell to the outgoing and Welcoming the appointed Directors

22 January 2016

Dr. Gileard Masenga - KCMC Executive Director(First from right ) matching with  staff  to the Chapel to mark KCMC Day, farewell to the outgoing and welcoming appointed Directors.




The Presiding Bishop ELCT - Rt. Rev. Dr. Alex Malasusa presenting a gift to the former KCMC Executive Director Prof. Moshi Ntabaye (2010-2014)

Prof. Raimos Olomi - Former Ag. Executive Director (2014-2015) and Director Hospital services (2011-2014)  (first from right )receiving a gift

Dr. Mark Swai - DDMS (1994-2001) and Director Hospital Services (2001 - 2011) (first from right) receiving a gift

Mr. Stanley Mmbaga - Director Human Resource, Management and Administration (2010-2015) (in a black suit) receiving a gift

Ms. Anna Ngowi - Ag.DAP (2007-2008) (first from left) receiving a gift