KCRI & International Scientific Presentations

23 October 2014

                                                       INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATIONS

New HIV Vaccine & Microbicide  Advocacy Society         MS Augustina Amuamuziam     EDCTP-Nigeria

EDCTP Oct 9-12 2011,Ethiopia

4 June 2013

A Guide to Quantitative Scientific Writing                 Steve Luby & Dorothy Southern


                                  KCRI SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATIONS

22nd-24th October 2014

86th post graduate seminar and 3rd Kilimanjaro International PhD Symposium

Nyasatu Chamba: Dengue: Clinical presentation and management

Jean Gratz: Diagnostic approach to TB

Jo Halliday: Bacterial Zoonoses

William Howlett: HIV

Deus Ishengoma: Malaria

Reginald Kavishe: Anti-malarial drug efficacy and challenges

Emmanuel Kifaro: Dengue: Diagnostics

Emmanuel Kifaro: Ebola: Epidemiology and transmission

Grace Kinabo: HIV and Bacterial Infections

Vesla Kullaya: Hidden immunological talents of platelets; Role in RSV infection

Happiness Kumburu: Role of genomics in management of infectious diseases

Happiness Kumburu: Common infections and their resistance pattern

Josephine Mapunda: MDR-TB: Magnitude in unsuspected cases

Johnson Matowo: Insecticides and spreading of resistance

Daudi Mavura: HIV and KS

Fausta Mosha: Factors for ART Success

Stellah Mpagama: TB and HIV

Stellah Mpagama: MDR-TB: Current status

Eva Muro: HIV PMTCT: Past experience and move to the new guideline

Florida Muro: Malaria and LRTI

Titus Msoka: HIV and CVD

Theonest Ndyetabura: Resistance to ART in adults

Rune Philemon: HIV and Child growth

Josephat Qaday: Medical protective gears as a potential sourse of infections

Margareth Sariko: Diabetic Mellitus and relapse of TB

Mohammed Saleh Abdallah: Paediatrics: meningitis and partial treatment

Hadija Semvua: Fluoroquinolones sales and potential impact

Elichilia Shao: Ebola: Clinical diagnostic and treatment

Elichilia Shao: HIV: biomarkers and resistance

Elichilia Shao: Resistance to ART: In Paediatrics

Nancy Somi: Medical tools as potential source of infections

Tolbert Sonda: Role of bioinformatics in infectious diseases

Marion Sumari-de Boer: Models for monitoring adherence

27 - 29 November 2013


8 - 12  October 2012

Research Proposal Writing Workshop

21 - 24 August 2012

TanZamBo Annual Meeting & HRE Workshop

24 Nov 2011

Breast Cancer                                                     Dr.Valerie McCormac          WHO-Lyon

Environment & Radiation                    Joachim Schuz & V McCormack        WHO-Lyon

Pediatric Drug-resistant Tuberculosis                        Tania Thomas                University of  Virginia                          

HIV:Sexual and Non-Sexual Risks                               simon collery                   Arusha

28 Jul 2011

Scientific communication:posters & presentation          Scott K. Heysell            University of  Virginia

4 Jul 2011

Immunology Assays for Clinical Research                      Yan Ge,                     University of Virginia