Summary of the 86th post graduate seminar and 3rd Kilimanjaro International PhD Symposium

24 October 2014


This year the 86th post graduate seminar was combined with the 3rd Kilimanjaro International PhD Symposium. The theme was 'Infectious Diseases: trends and threats'. The meeting took three days (22nd-24th October). Fourty-one post doc researchers, PhD candidates, medical doctors and MSc students presented on several topics regarding infectious diseases. Broadly the topics were:

  • Major Infectious Diseases: Current Status
  • Major diseases and co-infections and co-morbidity
  • Updated and current management approaches of the major diseases
  • Challenges in managing infectious diseases
  • Emerging challenges
  • Future perspectives: Role molecular methods in management of infectious diseases

The meeting brought up interesting dicussions about the mentioned topics and ideas for action. We thank all presenters for their inspiring talks and the organizing committee for creating this event.













The opening panel











The Chief Medical Officer speaks abouth trends and threads











The audience











The audience and rapporteurs











Professor Dr. Howlett talks about the current status HIV










Professor Dr. Kibiki talks about the current status of tuberculosis









Attendees of the seminar and symposium