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Awareness of Cancer Risk Factors and Its Signs and Symptoms in Northern Tanzania: a Cross-Sectional Survey in the General Population and in People Living with HIV

Oresto Michael Munishi, Valerie McCormack, Bariki Mchome, Glory Mangi, Leah L. Zullig, John Bartlett, Oscar...

Cancer Awareness Among Adults in the Kilimanjaro Region

A. Henke, *O. Henke, F. Serventi Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Cancer Care Centre, Moshi, United Republic of Tanzania

Colorectal cancer in a patient with intestinal schistosomiasis: a case report from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center Northern Zone Tanzania

Ayesiga M Herman, Alfred Kishe, Heri Babu, Hilary Shilanaiman, Murad Tarmohamed, Jay Lodhia, Patrick Amsi, Jeremia Pyuza, Alex...

Development of an African Esophageal Cancer Consortium

Gwen Murphy, Valerie McCormack, Diana Menya, Blandina Mmbaga, Katherine Van Loon, Elia Mmbaga, Satish Gopal, Bongani Kaimila, Gift Mulima, Natalie Pritchett, Michael Mwachiro, Russell White, Christian Abnet, Joachim Schuz, and Sanford Dawsey

Hematological malignancies in East Africa—Which cancers to expect and how to provide services

Steven Alan Leak, Lilian Gasper Mmbaga, Elifuraha Wilson Mkwizu, nPriscus John Mapendo, Oliver Henke

HPV types, cervical high-grade lesions and risk factors for oncogenic human papillomavirus infection among 3416 Tanzanian women

Bariki Lawrence Mchome1, Susanne Krüger Kjaer2,3, Rachel Manongi4, Patricia Swai1, Marianne Waldstroem5, Thomas Iftner6, Chunsen Wu7, Julius...

Informing etiologic research priorities for squamous cell esophageal cancer in Africa: A review of setting-specific exposures to known and putative risk factors

V.A. McCormack, D. Menya, M.O. Munishi, C. Dzamalala, N. Gasmelseed, M. Leon Roux, M. Assefa, O. Osano, M....

International Image Concordance Study to Compare a Point-of-Care Tampon Colposcope With a Standard-of-Care Colposcope

Mueller, Jenna L. PhD; Asma, Elizabeth MS; Lam, Christopher T. MS; Krieger, Marlee S. MS; Gallagher, Jennifer E. BS; Erkanli, Alaattin PhD; Hariprasad,...