Implementation of a Learning Management System for Medical Students: A Case Study of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College

Dativa Tibyampansha, Glory Ibrahim, Gibson Kapanda, Chrispina Tarimo, Amani Minja, Ahaz Kulanga, Charles Muiruri, Kien Mteta, Egbert Kessy, John Bartlett
Publication year: 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are powerful tools for the organization and presentation of curricular learning materials, for monitoring of student and faculty members performance, and for overall quality control. However, there is limited evidence regarding the acceptance and performance of LMS in Africa. This manuscript describes the implementation, the outcomes, and the challenges of the first five years of a LMS at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo). The LMS has been fully adopted into KCMUCo curriculum and deployed to 1356 students. It has been demonstrated to enhance learning with strength of consensus measure of 84% for basic sciences and 78% for clinical classes. 80% of faculty members have been satisfied with the use of LMS. Electronic assessment has become an obligatory platform for theory examinations. LMS adoption may improve education outcomes at other medical schools in Tanzania and sub-Saharan Africa.