P4692Differences in demography, clinical characteristics and management of patients with NSTEMI type 2 and type 1. The FAST-MI 2015 registry

E. Puymirat C. Tulane X. Lamit K. Khalife B. Popovic J.B. Landel E. Gerbaud M. Pichene P. Motreff V. Bataille J. Ferrieres F. Schiele T. Simon N. Danchin FAST-MI 2015
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Myocardial infarction type 2 (MIT2) is caused by an ischemic imbalance, where a condition other than coronary artery disease contributes to myocardial necrosis documented by a dynamic change in cardiac markers. Such patients were usually not included in randomized trials of ACS patients and little is known on how they should be managed.

We compared the characteristics and management of NSTEMI type 1 (MIT1) and MIT2 patients in the French FAST-MI 2015 registry, which collected information on all patients admitted for AMI in 78% of French institutions during a one -to-2-month period at the end of 2015.

Of 5294 patients admitted to ICCU with AMI, 2511 (47.5%) had STEMI, 2089 (39.5%) MIT1 and 502 (9.5%) MIT2. Compared with MIT1, those with MIT2 were older (72±13 vs 67±13 yrs), more...