A dirty that kills: A Tetanus Case Report

Nkya JS1 and Mkwizu E1*
Publication year: 

Tetanus is a bacterial disease caused by Clostridium tetani spores entering the body via broken skin barrier. The symptoms and signs include inability to open mouth, painful spasm of back, abdomen and extremities muscles which may be triggered by light or noise, spasm of facial muscles, neck stiffness, changes in blood pressure and fast heart rate. Tetanus diagnosis is mainly clinical, treatment is based on immunotherapy, antibiotics, and muscle relaxant and airway management. The earlier the diagnosis the better the outcome. Tetanus toxoid injection in adults is given in 3 doses, first 2 doses in 4week interval and last dose at 6-12 months. Three booster doses are recommended after 10 years of full primary immunization. This is a report of a 30 years old male who presented to the emergency department with inability to open mouth and was ultimately diagnosed with tetanus. This report highlights the importance of tetanus vaccination in adults, mostly males as women are scheduled in pregnancy.

Keywords: Tetanus; Spore; Trismus; Risus Sardonicus