1st PAVIA newsletter 2022

20 January 2022

Pharmaco Vigilance Africa, An EDCTP funded project

This newsletter captures  highlights of  activities that have occurred in the PAVIA project over the last year. The PAVIA   project was initially designed for 48 months with an ending date of end of February 2022. In spite of   the challenges posed by the COVID 19   pandemic, we were able to largely accomplish and fulfill our deliverables during the period. Trainings were conducted   online, country meetings continued to be held online, the Executive Board, Steering committee meetings were held virtually. However, some of the activities which were designed to be accomplished within this initial planned period were affected by the global surge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, rates of tuberculosis diagnosis declined, mainly as a result of reduced access to care during lockdowns, with subsequent effects on our planned measurement of the impact of the project on improved AE reporting. As a mitigation plan, a request for Grant duration amendment with an extension of 12 more months was submitted and approved. This extension will allow sufficient time for the PAVIA partners to fully execute the implementation of activities aimed.

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