Four C’s of KCRI

The core business of KCRI is health research. We can do all processes of health research in several modes of collaboration, which we call the 4 C’s of KCRI. They are conduct, contract, coordinate and consult. The 4 C’s are applicable to full research programmes or projects or to one or more aspects of it through our services. 

1. Conduct: We conduct health research on several themes within our institute. Senior and junior researchers with a broad experience conduct the research by using all available research facilities of our institute. In addition, support can be expected from the departments and units of KCRI like the laboratory, the data management unit and research and finance department.

2. Contract: Specific research expertise and facilities can be contracted from KCRI. 

3. Coordinate: KCRI can coordinate your research programme or project or part of it.

4. Consult: We can advice you on all aspects of research. Expertise is available at all levels.

We have experience and knowledge on all types of health research such as clinical trials, case-control studies, cohort studies, surveys and experiments. As our institute is embedded in the Good Samaritan Foundation including a national referral hospital and we have our field sites in the country, KCRI forms an ideal site for clinical trials and other types of health research. In addition, we have our clinical trial unit where patients can be handled. For these types of studies, we will always need approval from the local investigation registration board (IRB), the national institute of medical research (NIMR) and the Tanzanian Food and Drug Administration (TFDA). Feel free to contact us if you need an investigator or partner for your product.