Data management

Data management


The KCRI data management unit (DMU) is responsible for the data services in KCRI. Data services comprise data management, biostatistics and bioinformatics. We have a well trained team and facilities to do the whole traject from designing data collection tools, such as case report forms, up to developing data reports like tables and graphs. In addition, the bioinformatics unit can advice you on all aspects of this highly innovative data usage in Africa. Additionally, we can advice and train your research team on several aspects of data management, biostatistics and bioinformatics.

Data management

Data management is a highly important aspect of research. Data needs to be accurate and valid, so that valid conclusions can be drawn from the data of each research project. It is therefore important to focus on data management from the start of each research project, meaning from the time of proposal writing and study design. We can assist you in each of the following procedures:


  • Study design
  • Data collection tools such as questionnaires and case report forms (CRFs)
  • Databases using OpenClinica or Microsoft access
  • Codebooks and data dictionaries
  • Data entry (single, double)
  • Data cleaning and validation
  • Data analyses and reporting
  • Data archiving (digital and physical)


If you would like to make use of our services, we recommend you to consult us at the time of proposal writing. By that, we can ensure comprehensive data management of your project. Contact us through kcridata [at] kcri [dot] ac [dot] tz .

Data management unit of KCRI

KCRI comprises a well-established data management unit that has been strengthened since 2006. The unit has longstanding experience with data of several research projects. Physically, the unit consists of one data entry room, a bioinformatics room and two archiving rooms. All rooms have restricted entry. The data management unit works closely with the IT department, which is running two servers with mirror technology to secure back up of data. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all procedures in the unit are in place and are updated continuously.

The (assistant) data managers have been trained in several courses for example clinical data management, epidemiology, research methodology, statistics and scientific writing inside the country and abroad. The data entry persons have basic computer skills and have been trained on all aspects of data management in detail including basic research methodology and good clinical practice. Training of staff members is ongoing.


DMU offers epidemiological data analysis services. We mostly use STATA and SPSS packages for data analysis. However, if deemed necessary, we can also use R or SAS.  We perform descriptive statistics, simple and multiple linear/logistic regressions, but also Cox regression for survival analyses and multilevel modelling. There are two approaches that may be taken by any research team needing our data analysis service: either, a statistical analysis plan will be developed together and agreed upon with the data analyst before delivery of the service. Or, a research team may come in with a written statistical analysis plan that will be subject to review and agreement will be made between the research team and data analyst. 


The KCRI Bioinformatics Unit was set up in 2014 as part of our ongoing collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The unit is building up a knowledge base and tool chain for analysing genomics data. In close collaboration with the KCRI Genomics Unit…read more

OpenClinica support

OpenClinica is a web-based application for data management of clinical trials. However, it may also be used for other types of studies and databases. All the knowledge needed to operate this application is available in our unit. If you wish to use OpenClinica in your research project, we can assist you in using the application for database design, data entry, data monitoring and data cleaning and validation.


After consulting us, we will first have an intensive discussion about the assistance needed for data management. Based on the discussion, a data management plan and, if needed, a statistical analyses plan will be developed together with an agreement form. For more information or questions about our procedures and fees, please contact kcridata [at] kcri [dot] ac [dot] tz