The Protein Expression Unit is equiped with the range of instruments necessary for E. coli expression system.The instruments include:

  • NUAIRE Biological Safety Cabinet Class II
  • Scientific 150 litre Shaking Incubator
  • FMH Instruments 24 litre water bath
  • Jenway 7300 Spectrophotometer
  • QSonica 125 Watt Sonicator system
  • Biometra SDS-PAGE system
  • Electrophoresis and Gel documentation system ( in collaboration with unit 1 )
  • Biometra western blotting system
  • Dot blot system
  • Conventional PCR system ( in collaboration with unit 1)
  • His-Tag Purification system ( His Trap)
  • Dialysis system

The main service provided at the unit at the moment is production of recombinant proteins using E.coli expression system. Other services include:

  • DNA/RNA/Protein extraction and purification ( in collaboration with unit 1 )
  • Detection of protein using dot blot and western blot

The unit has enough expertise and technology available to adapt to other purification systems of the proteins with other tags.