Establishing a medical research institute as one of the three pillars of KCMC was identified in the early 1970s. However, the lack of infrastructure and the need for capacity development for research personnel led to the delay in establishing the institute.

To address these two areas whilst still undertaking research activity, KCMC developed important collaborations with various Northern partners including Radboud University, Duke University, Havard University, University of Virginia, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Bergen University etc.

The collaboration between KCMC and Radboud University in The Netherlands through the APRIORI Program was significant in establishing a facility to support the coordination of medical research at KCMC.

In 2006 Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Center (KCRC) was established, support from Dutch government through NACCAP and later from EDCTP through VITA study and EACCR provided resources which were used for physical infrastructure and capacity development for staff and in March, 2009 the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI) was established.

The chronology leading to the establishment of KCRI can be summarized as follows;

1971-KCMC was established by the Good Samaritan Foundation (GSF) to provide for health services,training and research.

1978-Parasitological Research Laboratory Unit was established at KCMC by the Ministry of Health (MoH).

1985-The laboratory was upgraded by MoH to a Northern Zone Reference Centre for Parasitic and Infectious Diseases (NZRCPID).

1991-NZRCPID was upgraded to KCMC-Medical Research Centre (KCMC-MRC).

2002-Establishment of various research programs and centres at KCMC,notably;

  • Joint malaria Program 2002, JMP(KCMC,NIMR,LSHTM,CMP)
  • Duke University-KCMC Research program (2001)
  • KCMC-Virginia University collaborative research
  • Kilimanjaro Reproductive Health Program (KRHP) through Havard School of Public Health (2002)
  • KCMC Reproductive Health Centre (2002)-WHO and Bergen University collaboration
  • Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology,KCCO (2004)
  • PRIOR:Collaboration of KCMC and Dutch Universities (2004)

2006-Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Centre,KCRC;KCMC-RUNMC collaboration (APRIORI Program).

2009-(5 March) Establishment of the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute as an institution of the Good Samaritan Foundation.