The vision of KCRI is to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence in health research, well embedded in the academic medical setting of KCMC, the Tanzanian health care system and international research networks.


The mission is to create a critical mass of researchers embedded in an academic setting that is rooted in a region with specific health problems, which is a powerful tool to develop evidence for medical interventions and health policies. It is a prerequisite for developing a research agenda, which is suitable for the recipient population in the endeavour of improving health.

This implies that:

1.     To improve the practice of medicine in Northern Tanzania through the development and implementation of medical interventions at a university medical centre in which care, education and research are jointly embedded. 

2.     To provide evidence through research for new health policies and medical interventions. 

3.     To enhance knowledge of health systems and pathogenesis, both internationally as well as specialised to the Tanzanian situation.

4.     To provide research expertise and a research infrastructure, which is adapted to local circumstances, and well connected with local stakeholders.

5.     To create a critical mass of Tanzanian researchers, enabling Tanzania to set its own research agenda and to operate as an acknowledged partner in international networks.