APRIORI Programme

APRIORI Programme

African Poverty Related Infection Oriented Research Initiative aims at establishing a state-of-the art clinical research centre, and by involving African centres of excellence, strengthening south-south collaboration.

As such APRIORI will:

  1. Contribute to a new dimension of quality
  2. Develop a new specialized training program (MSc, PhD, Clinical Trials)
  3. Establish an innovative and unique cooperation structure (north-south and south-south)
  4. Address the following scientific objectives (A) rationale vaccine development and down stream selection of candidates based on safety profile, analysis of immune response and efficacy and (B) in-depth pharmacological studies to optimise treatment protocols for TB.

The programme consist of the following 5 projects:

  • Capacity building to establish KCRI
  • Phase I and II testing of malaria vaccines
  • Capacity building and establishment of clinical trail centre for testing new TB vaccines ( phase I/IIa) and TB drug interactions in the context of HIV in Africa
  • Concurrent treatment in TB and HIV co-infection
  • Development of drug regimens to shorten treatment for tuberculosis