KCRI is a partner in Livestock, Livelihoods and Health, a multidisciplinary, international research programme exploring diseases that can be transmitted from wild or domesticated animals to people (zoonoses). The programme comprises three projects: SEEDS “Investigating the social, economic and environmental drivers of zoonoses in Tanzania”, HAZEL “Hazards associated with zoonotic enteric pathogens in emerging livestock meat pathways” and BRUCELOSSIS “Molecular epidemiology of brucelossis in northern Tanzania”. All the fieldwork is taking place in the Arusha, Kilimanjaro and Manyara regions, with laboratory work taking place in the specialised Zoonoses Laboratory at KCRI. The aim is to provide the evidence base to inform new strategies for zoonotic disease control and elimination in Tanzania, as well as elsewhere in East Africa. The programme is led by the University of Glasgow, UK, and is funded under the UK’s Zoonoses and Emerging Livestock Systems (ZELS) programme.

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