About our publications

In this compilation we present abstracts of research work which has been published in peer-reviewed international journals. These publications are among the outcomes of research activities for the past years at KCMC/KCRI or which involved KCMC/KCRI research activities. In this way we believe it will help to audit performance over the years, it will help disseminate the knowledge obtained from the research work and also allow easy search of the full articles from the available search engines.

Over the past years there have been remarkable research activities going on at KCMC/KCRI. Major research collaborative programmes have been initiated. These programmes include; Joint Malaria, Duke University-KCMC Research, KCMC-Virginia University collaborative research, Kilimanjaro Reproductive Health (KRHP), Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology (KCCO), Poverty Related Infection Oriented Research (PRIOR), African Poverty Related Inefction Oriented Research Initiative, etc contributed greatly to research output over the past years.

The focus in research used to be on the three main infectious diseases; HIV, Tuberculosis, and malaria. These contributed over 76% of the 190 research papers that were published between 2005 and 2016. However, in the past seven years, other topics grew in our institutes. Using this platform KCMC/KCRI has been able to establish an infrastructure which will allow a widening of the research portfolio.

Number of published research papers inpeer-reviewed international journals 2005 - 2020