Abstract PR108: Plevalence, Severity and Outcome of Burn Injuries Among Patients Admitted in Surgical Intensive Care Unit B At Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Cantre

Kaino, M. M.; Uisso, F
Publication year: 

Background & Objectives: To determine the prevalence, severity and outcome of burn injured patients at surgical ICU B (SICU B). This was a hospital based retrospective cross sectional study. The study was conducted in SICU B at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC), Moshi, Tanzania. On a monthly average, 4 out of 23 SICU B admissions are burn patients.

Materials & Methods: The study included all burn patients admitted to surgical ICU B at KCMC who had complete medical records. Consecutive sampling technique was used. Data was extracted from the patient’s files which were identified from the register book in SICU B and was recorded using the data sheet. Data was entered and analyzed using SPSS 16.0. Data was subjected to statistical analysis to measure the objective.

Results: Prevalence 15.9% (N=92). With complete medical record 59.8% (N=55). Males: 63.6% (N=35). Severity by degree of burn injury was 10.9% (N=6), 74.5% (N=41), 10.9% (N=6) and 3.6% (N=2) for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and mixed degree burn injuries respectively. Severity by TBSA was 18.2% (N=10), 32.7% (N=18), 30.9% (N=17) and 18.2% (N= 10) for <15%, 15–30%, 31–45% and >45% respectively. Survival to discharge rate was 52.7% (N=29). Full recovery: 41.4% (N=12). Contractures, infection and mixed contracture and infection at a rate of 31% (N=9), 24.1% (N=7) and 3.4% (N=1) respectively. Leading risk factors for death were septicaemia, respiratory failure and hypothermia at a rate of 19.2% (N=5), 19.2% (N=5) and 11.5% (N=3) respectively. By degree of burn death rate was 66.6%, 34.1, 100% for 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree respectively. By TBSA death rate was 18.2%, 21.4%, 52.6% and 100% for <15%, 15–30%, 31–45% and >45% respectively.

Conclusion: Conclusion: Burn patients constitute a significant number of patients admitted to SICUB. Survival rate is minimal with severe scores of burn injuries. Contracture and wound infection were the commonest complications. The leading risk factors for death were septicaemia, respiratory failure and hypothermia. Further studies to evaluate management of burn patients are needed for quality improvement