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Depression and anxiety among pregnant women living with HIV in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania.

Ngocho JS 1, Watt MH 2, Minja L 3 ,Knettel BA 2, Mmbaga BT 1 ,Williams PP 4, Sorsdahl K 4

Dynamics of nasopharyngeal bacterial colonisation in HIV-exposed young infants in Tanzania.

Kinabo GD, van der Ven A, Msuya LJ, Shayo AM, Schimana W, Ndaro A, van Asten HA, Dolmans WM, Warris A, Hermans PW.

"She Just Told Me Not To Cry": A Qualitative Study of Experiences of HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC) Among Pregnant Women Living With HIV in Tanzania

Martha Oshosen 1 2 , Brandon A Knettel 3 4 , Elizabeth Knippler 5 6 , Michael Relf 5 7 , Blandina T...

A case-crossover analysis of predictors of condom use by female bar and hotel workers in Moshi, Tanzania

Tassiopoulos,K.; Kapiga,S.; Sam,N.; Ao,T.T.; Hughes,M.; Seage,G.R.,III Int J Epidemiol. 2009 Apr;38(2):552-60

A group-based mental health intervention for Tanzanian youth living with HIV Secondary analysis of a pilot trial

Hosaka, Kalei R.J. BA, MD Candidatea,∗; Mmbaga, Blandina T. MD, PhDb,c,d,e; Shayo, Aisa M. MD, MMEdb,d; Gallis, John A. MSce,f; Turner, Elizabeth L. PhDe,f; O’...

A group-based mental health intervention for young people living with HIV in Tanzania: results of a pilot individually randomized group treatment trial

Dorothy E. Dow, Blandina T. Mmbaga, John A. Gallis, Elizabeth L. Turner, Monica Gandhi, Coleen K. Cunningham & Karen...

A Qualitative Exploration of the Mental Health and Psychosocial Contexts of HIV-Positive Adolescents in Tanzania

Megan K. Ramaiya , Kristen A. Sullivan , Karen O' Donnell, Coleen K. Cunningham, Aisa M. Shayo, Blandina T. Mmbaga, Dorothy E. Dow

A systematic review of qualitative evidence on factors enabling and deterring uptake of HIV self-testing in Africa

Bernard Njau, Christopher Covin, Esther Lisasi, Damian Damian, Declare Mushi, Andrew Boulle & Catherine Mathews

Acyclovir and transmission of HIV-1 from persons infected with HIV-1 and HSV-2

Celum,C.; Wald,A.; Lingappa,J.R.; Magaret,A.S.; Wang,R.S.; Mugo,N.; Mujugira,A.; Baeten,J.M.; Mullins,J.I.; Hughes,J.P.; Bukusi,E.A.; Cohen,C.R.; Katabira,E.; Ronald,A.; Kiarie,J.; Farquhar,C.; Stewart,G.J.; Makhema...