Antiretroviral Treatment Literacy Among HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Clients in Moshi, Tanzania, 2003 to 2005

Keren Z. Landman, Nathan M. Thielman, Anna Mgonja, Humphrey J. Shao, Dafrosa K. Itemba, Evelyn M. Ndosi, Alison C. Tribble, John F. Shao, John A. Bartlett, John A. Crump. J Int Assoc Physicians Aids Care 6 (1); 2007 pp24-26
Publication year: 

Antiretroviral treatment literacy leads to greater HIV testing and treatment and antiretroviral treatment adherence. Among northern Tanzanian subjects, antiretroviral treatment awareness was only 17%. Factors associated with low antiretroviral treatment literacy included having exchanged money or gifts for sex, living in rural areas, having more than 2 children, and having a primacy education only. Previous HIV testing was protective against low antiretroviral treatment literacy. These results support refocusing HIV education efforts and increasing synergy between HIV prevention and treatment programs