Design of a community-based study of sexually transmitted infections/HIV and infertility in an urban area of northern Tanzania

Larsen,U.; Mlay,J.; Aboud,S.; Ballard,R.; Sam,N.E.; Shao,J.F.; Kapiga,S.H. Sex Transm Dis. 2007 Jan;34(1):20-4
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   OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to describe the design of a community-based study of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)/HIV and infertility in northern Tanzania. STUDY DESIGN: Households were selected using a 2-stage sampling design. Eligible women and their partners were interviewed before samples were collected for STIs/HIV detection. Posttest counseling and treatment for STIs and infertility were provided. RESULTS: A total of 2019 women and 794 male partners were interviewed. Over 70% of interviewed women and men provided blood and urine samples. Individuals providing blood and urine samples had high-risk profiles for STIs/HIV when compared with others who did not provide these samples. Although the study results may be affected by selection bias, risk factors for STIs/HIV were similar to those in other studies supporting the generalizability of the findings. CONCLUSIONS: It is feasible to conduct a community-based survey, including collection of biomarkers and measurement of infertility, in this urban setting