Epidemiology of Keloids in Normally Pigmented Africans and African People With Albinism: Population-Based Cross Sectional Survey

S.K. Kiprono, B.M. Chaula, J.E. Masenga, J.W. Muchunu, D.R. Mavura and M. Moehrle
Publication year: 

keloids are common overgrowth of dense fibrous tissue that develops after healing of a cutaneous injury. Keloidal scars extend beyond the borders of the original wound, recur after excision and rarely do they regress spontaneously1. Worldwide, the prevalence of keloids varies from 0.09% in Great Britain to 16% in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2. Genetic susceptibility is thought to play an integral role in development of keloids3. There are no recent population based epidemiological data on prevalence of keloids in Africa.