External Auditory Canal Stenosis After Traumatic Auricular Amputation

Wong Chung, Justin E.R.E. MD; Chussi, Desderius C. MD; van Heerbeek, Niels MD, PhD
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Background: The auricles are easily injured or amputated in case of head trauma. Inadequate treatment of the external auditory canal (EAC) after auricular injury is often seen and can lead to significant complications of the EAC.

Case Report: The authors report 4 cases of auricular injury or amputations. In all patients inadequate first treatment led to stenosis of the EAC. Three patients required recanalization of the EAC because of hearing loss and the risk of further complications.

Conclusion: Treatment of auricular injury should consist of (pre-emptive) packing of the EAC with antibiotic gauzes followed by thorough examination of the EAC to prevent canal stenosis and subsequent complications.