Feasibility, acceptability, and potential cost-effectiveness of a novel mobile phone intervention to promote HIV testing within social networks in Tanzania

Ostermann, Jan PhD*; Njau, Bernard PhD§; Masaki, Martha BEd§; Mtuy, Tara MPH§,; Itemba, Dafrosa MSc∥; Hobbie, Amy MPH**; Yelverton, Valerie MSc; Moore, Spencer PhD; Yamanis, Thespina PhD; Thielman, Nathan M. MD, MPH
Publication year: 

Among 145 individuals surveyed in Tanzania, 42% indicated willingness to test for HIV in response to a confidential, phone-based text message. On average, participants were likely to provide contact information for 1.5 members of their social networks, suggesting high feasibility and moderate acceptability of a novel mHealth HIV testing intervention.