Global Nursing - A Qualitative Case Study ofTanzanian Nursing Students' Experiences ofStudent Exchange in Sweden

Tara Alden-Joyce The Swedish Red Cross University College Elina Scheers-Andersson The Swedish Red Cross University College Jane Rogathi The Swedish Red Cross University College Paulo Kidayi Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College Jenny Cadstedt The Swedish Red Cross University College Gunilla Björling (  ) Karolinska Institutet
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Due to globalization and a shift in population demographics, needs within healthcare arechanging and nurses require new skills and knowledge. Nursing education needs to facilitate these newdemands and student exchange programmes provide an opportunity to develop necessary skills.Aim: The aim of this study was to explore Tanzanian nursing students' experiences of student exchangein Sweden.


A qualitative design was used for this empirical study. Semi-structured interviews wereconducted with six Tanzanian nursing students who had participated in student exchange in Sweden.The participants were recruited by purposeful sampling. Inductive reasoning and qualitative contentanalysis were applied.