Late Outcome of Direct Vision Urethrotomy in Patients with Urethral Stricture at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC), Moshi-Tanzania

Njiku Kimu, Obadia Nyongole, Frank Bright, Jasper Mbwambo
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Background: Dilation and direct vision urethrotomy are the most common procedures used by majority of urologist to manage urethral stricture disease. This includes urologists in both developed world as well as developing world. Dilation and direct vision urethrotomy are now regarded as neither cost effective nor efficacious as long term strategy for management of urethral stricture disease. Despite the initial enthusiasm and good results reported by earlier studies, more recent studies have demonstrated a poor long-term success rate for direct vision urethrotomv.

Broad objective: The aim of this study is to document the late outcome of DVU as seen in patients with urethral stricture at KCMC. Methodology: This is a hospital based retrospective cohort study that involved patients who presented to urology department at KCMC with urethral stricture and underwent direct vision urethrotomy from January 2006 to December 2013.