Opportunities to Leverage Telehealth Approaches Along the Hypertension Control Cascade in Sub-Saharan Africa

Charles MuiruriEmail authorPreeti ManavalanShelley A. JazowskiBrandon A. KnettelHelene VilmeLeah L. Zullig
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Purpose of Review

To review the current literature on use of telehealth at different stages of the hypertension control cascade in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and to discuss opportunities to harness technology infrastructure in SSA to improve population-level blood pressure control.

Recent Findings

Despite the high burden of hypertension in SAA, strategies to improve awareness, diagnosis, and management are inadequate. In high-income countries, telehealth has increased patient access to high-quality care at reduced costs. Notwithstanding the limited evidence on the use of telehealth at the different stages of the hypertension control cascade in SSA, the few published interventions in this review reported reduction of blood pressure and increase in the proportion of individuals with controlled blood pressure.


Telehealth use across the hypertension control cascade in SSA is promising. These under-resourced settings provide opportunity to better understand the demand for these interventions in order to achieve meaningful clinical outcomes.