Successful Transabdominal Removal of Penetrating Iron Rod in the Rectum: A Case Report

Jay Lodhiaa,b, David Msuyaa,b, Kondo Chilongaa,b, Danson Makanga c
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Foreign bodies in the anus and rectum are not uncommon presentations globally. Reasons for foreign bodies in the rectum can be trauma, assault, psychiatric reasons but the most common reason documented is sexual pleasure, and objects range from sex toys to tools to packed drugs. Regardless of the reason, health care providers must maintain nonjudgmental composure and express empathy. Numerous cases have been reported of anorectal foreign body due to various causes. Removal of the objects has mostly been through rectally but some does need surgical intervention. A multidisciplinary approach and radiologic investigations are important to guide in the management outline. Establishment of guidelines for anorectal foreign bodies are needed to guide surgeons and emergency physicians on the course of treatment. We present a case of an eleven-year old school boy slid and fell on an iron rod that penetrated his rectum through his anal canal. Presented with clinical features of peritonitis, where emergency laparotomy was done and the iron rod was extracted abdominally with primary repair of the rectum. The boy recovered well and was discharged four days after with no complications.