Training and capacity building in medical statistics in Sub-Saharan Africa: Impact of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine MSc in Medical Statistics, 1969 to 2021

James R. Carpenter1,2 Jim Todd3,4 Kathy Baisley5,6 John Bradley5 Nazarius Mbona Tumwesigye7 Patrick Musonda8 Tobias Chirwa9
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ot least Sub-Saharan Africa, where there are many long-standing research collaborations including in the Gambia (where the MRC unit,, formerly linked to and now part of the LSHTM, traces its origins back 70+ years), Malawi (Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit,, established in 1980), Tanzania (eg, Grosskurth et al;2 Ng’weshemi et al3 and the establishment of the Mwanza Intervention Trials Unit in 2006, and Uganda.4 Reflecting this, for many years, student recruitment from Sub-Saharan Africa was rather ad-hoc, and typically linked to the needs and opportunities arising from these on-going research projects (eg, analysis of household dynamics data from Karonga, Malawi;5 Chirwa et al;6 see also Kampikaho and Tumwesigye7)