Severe febrile illness in adult hospital admissions in Tanzania: a prospective study in an area of high malaria transmission

Behzad Nadjm, George Mtove, Ben Amos, Naomi F. Walker, Helmut Diefendal, Hugh Reyburn, Christopher J.M. Whitty


Species shifts in the Anopheles gambiae complex: do LLINs successfully control Anopheles arabiensis?

Kitau J, Oxborough RM, Tungu PK, Matowo J, Malima RC, Magesa SM, Bruce J, Mosha FW, Rowland MW


Susceptibility status of malaria vectors to insecticides commonly used for malaria control in Tanzania

Kabula B, Tungu P, Matowo J, Kitau J, Mweya C, Emidi B, Masue D, Sindato C, Malima R, Minja J, Msangi S, Njau R, Mosha F, Magesa S, Kisinza W