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A care bundle including antenatal corticosteroids reduces preterm infant mortality in Tanzania a low resource country

Massawe A, Kidanto HL, Moshiro R, Majaliwa E, Chacha F, Shayo A, Mdoe P, Ringia P, Azayo M, Msemo G, Mduma E, Ersdal HL, Perlman JM

A nurse-delivered mental health intervention for obstetric fistula patients in Tanzania: results of a pilot randomized controlled trial

Melissa H. Watt, Mary V. Mosha, Alyssa C. Platt, Kathleen J. Sikkema, Sarah M. Wilson, Elizabeth L. Turner and Gileard G. Masenga

Anaemia in Pregnancy: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Adverse Perinatal Outcomes in Northern Tanzania

Grace Stephen, Melina Mgongo, Tamara Hussein Hashim, Johnson Katanga, Babill Stray-Pedersen, and Sia Emmanueli Msuya

Assessment of Maternal Mortality and its Associated Causes at Shinyanga Regional Hospital in Tanzania

Oscar E Mapunda, Sia E Msuya, Ntuli A. Kapologwe, Beatrice John, Damian J Damian , and Michael J Mahande

Asymptomatic bacteriuria among pregnant women attending antenatal care at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Northern Tanzania

MOSES K. MWEI1, BARIKI MCHOME1, BEATRICE JOHN2 and EUSEBIOUS MARO1 1Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Kilimanjaro Christian...

Clients’ Perspectives on Quality of Delivery Services in a Rural Setting in Tanzania: Findings from a Qualitative Action-Oriented Research

Gerald J. Makuka, MD, Moses M. Sango, MD, Ayubu E. Mashambo, MD, Abednego E. Mashambo, MD, Sia E. Msuya, MD, PhD, and Sabina...

Delays contributing to the development and repair of obstetric fistula in northern Tanzania

Cody Cichowitz. Melissa H. Watt, Bariki Mchome, Gileard G. Masenga